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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Don’t cut your bèlúbèlú!

Last week, I noticed slight pain in my throat whenever I try to swallow spittle and when I eat or drink, I didn’t take it serious until Thursday the 17th of September 2015 when the pain became on bearable, by this time I know what is wrong. I need no doctor to tell me is a uvula pain, called bèlúbèlú.


Mo kàn máa ń gbọ́ b'ó ṣe ma ń ṣ'èèyàn ni, kò ṣe mí rí, àfi lọ́jọ́ Àlàrùba t'ó kọjá, ó pé ọ̀sẹ̀ kan gbáko tí kiní náà sọ mí wò fúngbà àkọ́kọ́.

I have never experienced bèlúbèlú in my life, until last week, for 5 days ending Tuesday 22nd of September.

My neighbours said to me, “you need to cut it, that’s the only remedy”, another said, “go to the doctor, a medicine will be prescribed”. I appreciated their concern, but I didn’t buy their idea.  Why?

Not that seeing the doctor is bad, but to me cutting my bèlúbèlú is not the best solution, I would rather do it the African way, without any artificial antidote or treatment. Some said swollen bèlúbèlú is caused by bacterial, others say climate change and irritation, whichever it may be, the traditional way kills it, that I know.

May Elédùmarè bless màámi, she supplied me the ancient remedy, and right about this moment, barely a week, and the bèlúbèlú is healed all with the efficacy of 5 different things.

Want to know?

Pepper heals wounds, sores and it is requisite when one is ill to eat pepper to quickly recuperate, aside the ògógóró, the other 4 natural materials contain pepper, I mean are pepperiness when inserted into the mouth.
The sure remedy for swollen bèlúbèlú:
  • Atare
  • kànnáfùrù
  • Ata ìjọ̀sì
  • Èpo ẹ̀hin òrin àta
  • Ògógóró

All one needs do is grind the atare, kànnáfùrù, ata ìjọ̀sì and add the back of the àta chewing stick, pour into ògógóró,  shake and leave it to extract the contents of the spices.

The patient should take a little portion of the concoction and gaggle it in the throat for a minute or 2, spit out or swallow, it peppers the uvula, tonsil and throat but it is worth it. Repeat this as many times as possible, watch the bèlúbèlú shrink and pains withdraw. Do it for 2 weeks so as to completely destroy the irritation from its root.

Surgery is never the best solution; do not cut your bèlúbèlú.